Blues Founding Fathers

Without these founding fathers, blues music will never be the blues we know today. Many will argue who is the best among these founding fathers, but each of them had their contribution. It’s not a question of who was the best, it’s about recognition for what they have done for music.


Robert Johnson

Robert was known for his songs “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Love in Vain”. With his music, he influenced rockstars such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Robert’s fame was a controversial one because people allegedly accused him of making a deal with the devil with his fame in return. Whether this story is true or not, he was a musician who defined blues. You can get his original soundtracks with online shops voucher codes. He was a great musician who wrote incredible songs for us to listen for years to come.

Bessie Smith

bessieIn a world dominated by men, Bessie Smith was one of the women who stood out. She was one of the most famous singers of her time. She was the type of woman you don’t want to reckon with. In the 1930s, the masses lost interest in blues music, and her fame fell with it, but a recording company took interest in her music in 1937. She recorded her last album before getting caught in a car accident. Her story is sad, but even dying at an early age, Bessie Smith proved that women don’t just belong in the house washing dishes. She was a strong independent woman who pursued her dreams when everyone was saying no.

Lemon JeffersonLemon

Lemon was born blind. But despite his blindness, he can play the guitar like no other. He was one of the most successful artists in 1920s. He influenced younger artists like T-Bone Walker and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Lemon’s story was an inspiring one, he supported his wife and children through his music despite being blind. He produced around 100 songs that are available online with promo codes. Famous artists such as Bob Dylan, John Hammond, and Peter Case did covers of his songs.