Lessons We Can Learn From the Blues

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Having a bad day? Things aren’t going your way? Don’t cry in anguish. The blues are here to keep you company in times of troubles. Blues are stimulating to the soul. Psychologists encourage patients to listen to this kind of music. There must be good reasons why listening to blues make us feel good.

Problems Are Not as Bad as You Think

Blues are songs telling stories about the realities of life. Listening to these songs will make anyone realize that life’s troubles are temporary. They are part of our life no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Blues are based on real-life stories, so relating to them is not that hard.

We Are Unique

Every artist can do their rendition of blues. They can approach blues using the holistic method or their individualistic approach. Good artists can even do improvisation to make any song as if it was their own. The nuances of particular note choices and rhythmic discrepancies give blues music a unique flair.

Laugh at Life’s Dramaguitar

When you listen to blues about heartbreak, the performer somehow turns these dramas into comedy. At the end of your listening session, you can look on the brighter side of your situation. You may be too broke to buy from online shops like lazada and zalora, but with the right mindset and efforts, tomorrow might change. You may be tired, on the verge of giving up, and or depressed, but after all those dramas, you’ll find laughing at yourself. And you should, don’t take life too seriously.

You Are Not Alone

Blues are a good reminder that our pain is not ours alone. Those artists who full-heartedly deliver their songs on stage probably have been through the tough times you are going through today, that’s why they could write songs like those. Some people are going through the same thing, yet they are fighting. And so are you.