Safe Haven Where the Soul of Man Never Dies


Blues music represents an important part of our history. In today’s generation music is just form leisure or entertainment, but back in time, it was a form of hope. Music was the only thing that could keep their thoughts together. Blues music radiates sadness for a reason. Because old blues were stories of the past where privileges were made available to chosen few.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

Slave Songs 1867

The dark age of slavery captivated people to write songs about it. Published in 1867, Slave Songs can still haunt us up to this day. It was one of the most influential compilations of blues music. The tragedies, tears, pain, broken dreams, and lives lost due to slavery gave birth to unbreakable faith and sweet hope for the future which pave the way for 136 songs to be published. Learn more about them with the iconic discount code. Having a bad day? You cannot feel bad after hearing the words uttered from these songs.

Great Depression 1929

blues1929 was a bad year for every nation. Everything was plummeting due to the Great Depression. Unemployment was on the rise, recording labels destroyed, banks declared bankruptcy, it was a dark year full of bad news. The situation was so bad that even the middle class can’t afford the travelliker coupon discount. The economic woes crippled the music industry at the time. Though the growth of blues became stagnant during the Great depression, songwriters managed to make music underground. They sang their songs in the streets. Once again, they turned to music, a haven where they can sing their woes away.

Blues Transformation 1939

The electric guitar brings blues a new kind of flavor. In 1939, Eddie Durham records the first music highlighting electric guitar. Electric guitar became part of almost any music genre we know today. Today, anyone can purchase it online shopping offers and coupons, but there was a time that owning one was a statement. To own one at that time was a form of investment and commitment to music. 1939 was a defining moment of the blues music as more artists embraced their journey as musicians.

Declaration of Year of The Blues 2003

In 2003, the congress declared the “Year of the Blues”. There were big events celebrating blues music. Ubereats優惠碼 recalled the history of blues and the story behind breakthroughs we’ve been through with blues music. Many musicians and fans gathered in one place to enjoy life and music together. Thousands of albums sold in one day, cupon had the busiest day of their operation, and everyone took the time to pause and celebrate the awesomeness of blues.